Sunday, July 22, 2007

My completely incredible sister Jennifer is running a marathon in the Redwoods of California in September to mark her 30th birthday. In support of our work as peacemakers she has decided to raise money through her run for the Rebulding Alliance, which rebuilds homes in regions of war and occupation.

Spend five minutes with her blog "The Good Long Road," and then give five dollars in support of her work. You can take a couple of nice walks instead of riding the bus and donate the money you saved while enjoying your neighborhood.

Until July 27th there are matching funds being donated for every gift.

Jenni taught me that peace exists in the Middle East even now - in the silence amidst the clamor, in the space in between the lines, and in the dark that follows every frame. When I quiet down and close my eyes, I hear it reverberating. It sounds like Om, Ah Um, I Am, Amen.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger The Curtis Crew said...

Aw, two of my favorite people from way back when! Just connected with Jenni on Facebook and found your blog. It's been a long time! There's absolutely no way Jenni can be 30!! I remember that little girl lighting candles with my little sister, who is also 30!! Yikes!! I hear from your mom occasionally. It's great to see you guys!


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