Monday, March 21, 2011


My friends in the great TX band Football, Etc. have at long last released their first full length record. You all should check it out.

I wrote them a nice email talking about how much I like the record and I thought it might be a helpful description for you all.

"You know, it was funny, I put it on my player and when I put it on, the volume was way way up, like all the way up. And when the record started, actually the first think I thought—even before 'OUCH!' was, 'Wow, that snare drum sounds SO GOOD!' And it's true. James is killin it on the record, hats off! Actually the whole record sounds really amazing, you all should be proud for making such wonderful sounds, and Trent too should take a bow for rendering them so honestly and so beautifully.

"Of course you must know that your skillful combination of Kinsella-y clean tones with those skronk-y, shuddering distortions I like so much are always a win for me. And Mercy's low end is sounding so lyrical——she's singing too in places, right? Really you all are up to great work.

"My favorite song is actually Safety, because the lyrics are so beautiful. I love that bit about 'I'll use whatever I can find, I'll use my own hair.' I was listening to it on the way back from teaching Tibetan downtown and was——I actually remember where I was, because I found it so affecting——was at 14th and 6th Ave, nearing the corner to cross, and that lyric was like a beautiful thunderbolt. And I thought, 'What band like this is writing a line like this?' Such a sweet and pure and wonderful sentiment. I really appreciated that. May we all live that way, be that person, for everyone we meet!

"I also really like how drawn out the singing is, almost like it is happening at a different tempo than the songs themselves. Your clear, no-vibrato thing has really developed into your own style, it's great to see. You sound very——pretty, actually!"



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