Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Visit to Phanom Rung historical park Our friend Chelsea, traveling in China, came on a last-minute visit, which was a wonderful reason for a foray to Phanom Rung historical park, an ancient temple complex that sits on the rim of an extinct volcano. How cool is that? Yes, every bit as cool as it sounds. Love to everyone, sorry no extra tales today, my neck is stiff. Thomas

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Our Trip to Malaysia

Ah! Apologies for the long delay since the last post. We are well settled into Thailand - suddenly halfway through first semester! Wow. Meg was just accusing me of taking photos that make our life look dreary - these shots of Malaysia are *not* going to help. But guess why? That's right, Malaysia is a dreary, dreary place. Skip it, friends. Sorry, Malaysia. I mean, I'm glad we went. But it's just a hop over the border to Thailand where everyone is cute and sweet. Glad to be back home. love from Thomas, more soon

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Million Photos of Our Stay Thus Far

We are all adjusting very well to life in Pak Thong Chai, which Genla often refers to as "Heaven." I think this may be due to the heavenly light that pervades his bedroom through the first portion of the day, or the fact that our house is surrounded by windows on all sides, or the freshness of the food, the kind openness of just about everyone you meet, the warmth of the weather, the dedication of the students . . . or it might just be the guava fruit. Genla loves guava fruit. A lot. While I am listing things, here are the three reasons I think he loves guava: 1) it is delicious, and has a somewhat tough skin, a trait which Genla prizes in any food: "Good for the teeth!" 2) he read in a book that guava is good for you. 3) In America, guava can be kind of pricey, and in Thailand, it is relatively cheap. And Genla loves a good deal. These are just a few of the reasons Genla will come back from the morning market hefting a plastic bag full of 8 oversized guavas, and make sure we eat at least one every day. Note: Megan has no particular love of guava, but is getting used to the fact that living with a lama means some things aren't always up to you. Have some guava, everybody! Anyway, while I am here, a few photos of Thailand for you all to enjoy . . . love from Thomas BANGKOK TEMPLES